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    Just a quick question for anybody with any experience of this stuff…

    In my previous house we got the central heating installed, so knew how the system worked inside out and we had a remote electronic timer in the kitchen (pretty sure it was a danfoss single channel 24 hour timer with a 5/2 day option)

    I’ve recently moved into a house with a Worcester Bosch combi boiler and radiators with TRV’s – bog standard setup these days it seems and more or less identical to the system in our old house, apart from this system doesn’t have an electronic timer.
    The boiler is a Worcester Bosch 24i with an electromechanical timer on the front panel. The boiler is installed in the understair cupboard in the kitchen and we believe the system was installed about 3 years ago.
    The question is… how difficult/expensive is it to install an electronic 7 day (or 5/2 day) timer and cable it back to this boiler? Seeing as it’s coming up to winter time and my partner and I work different times during the week an easy to adjust timer seems like a great idea to me.
    I’ve been looking around and have found that Danfoss or similar single channel electronic timers can be had from around £30 upwards, but I’m unsure if this includes the wallplate for ease of wiring or what.
    I’ve got the installation/comissioning/user guides for the W/B boiler, and have had a look at install guides for some electronic timers and it looks as though it should be straightforward – as far as I can see, there are only three wires that connect the boiler to the timer.
    However, while I’m a competent DIYer and know my way round household electrical systems I wouldn’t want to undertake this myself and would rather leave it upto a competent/accredited person. I started to feel uneasy about it when I started reading about ‘no coltage at contacts’ and ‘ideal for combi boilers’ etc on random websites.
    Would it be a plumber or an electrician I’d be better off approaching to get this done? Or really would any competent registered central heating installer be able to do it?
    Anybody got any ideas how much I should expect this to cost?

    Please help.

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