We are pleased to announce that the SEM international festival will be on Saturday, October 22 from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

The SEM international festival is a good opportunity to meet people worldwide and mingle together. It is free to join so you bring your family and friends. As in previous years, foreigners can apply to participate in the talent show in which various acts are welcomed. For those who would like to participate the talent show, please fill out the application form and submit it by 8th October (talent show). Also, individual and team applicants are required to submit a video clip by 10th October.

Practice & Performance : This year, SEM will provide opportunities for international friends to learn and practice Nanta (a Korean style drumming) and/or Cheerleading (a dance for sports). Those who participate in these classes will perform at the festival. A special instructor is arranged for each performance and a free lesson timetable is available now. For those who like to join a class, please apply to (Nanta) for Nanta and to (Cheerleading) for Cheerleading. Application will close on October 8th.

International Parade : We are recruiting two representatives, a man and a woman, who can represent their country for an informal and friendly international parade show. The participants are advised to wear their traditional costumes and walk/dance according to the music of each country that is selected by the participants with a brief introduction and interview. For those who like to be a star to represent your country, please apply to (parade). Application will close on October 8th.

In addition to above programs, we are happy to provide booths to partipants of each country for culture or food exhibitions. Please contact EJ (042-863-1713 or xtalwoo@gmail.com) by 8th October.

Please contact xtalwoo@gmail.com for details.